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morocco travel adventure
morocco travel adventure

With Four mountain ranges,
a dozen summits over 4,000 meters and 400 mountains over 3,000m,
Hike the trails through the Sirwa, the Sargho and the Rif Mountains, explore the quiet cedar forests of the Middle Atlas. Top out on the highest point of northern Africa; Toubkal 4167m.

Toubkal in the distance

You will be charmed by the variety of the landscape, the rich culture and the Berber People .

morocco travel adventure
Trekking in the Atlas is not to be passed up. The experience will reward you with some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa.

Morocco offers exceptional trekking opportunities.

A mule can carry up to
100 kg. This animal will carry all your bags and camping equipment giving you a more relaxed Day. In the case of one of the party needing a rest from walking the needing person can hitch a ride on the back of the beast...

Your friend

I'm your friend...
I'll carry all your bags for you

Get away from stress for 22 DAYS

DAY 1 : Arrival in Marrakech, where we spend the night in a hotel.

DAY 2 : Departure by Land Rover for At Bougmez village, arriving in the afternoon in time to meet the mule team and the muleteers, with whose help we will spend the evening preparing for the trek. Dinner and overnight accommodation with a local family in a beautiful Berber adobe house at At Imi.

DAYS 3 to 20
: Our trek begins. We pass through numerous villages as we cross the beautiful At Bougmez valley. After At Imi Oulelimt, we enter the Arous valley where we begin the ascent of Mgoun (4068m). After this long day's hike, we a well - earned rest and spend the night at Tarkedit (2900m) at the heart of a magnificent plateau. Crossing the plateau to the foot of the pass we arrive at the source of the Tassaout river and our camping place for the night. We pass through the villages of Imarehnes, Amzri and Ichbakene. Traveling in a southerly direction, we camp at Megdaz, Agdaz, Tamzrit, Tamda, Irissi, Tizi Noubadou and Tazlida. We continue to the North of Tizi N'Tichka to get to the village of Fra. The hills before us begin to get steeper as we go deeper into the mountain chain. We cross the Yagour plateau where we camp beside cave engravings. Then we go on to Sitti Fattma and along the Ourika valley to Tacheddirt (2000m). Continuing on towards Tamsoult, we arrive at the Neltner mountain refuge. After a night at the refuge, we begin the ascent of Mount Toubkal (4164m). Then we down to Imlil passing through Sidi Shamharouch. There is roast meat or Berber tagines and mint tea dinner, accompanied by singing and dancing from the villagers. After spending a peaceful night in Imlil and lazing about the next morning, we sample a substantial lunch and set off for Marrakech, where we spend the night in a hotel.

DAY 21: A free day to do what you like(guided or unguided), but we advise you not to miss the legendary Jama El Fna square.

DAY 22 : Transfer and departure.

morocco travel adventure

Climb the highest peak in Northern Africa 8 DAYS

Day 1
Transfer from Marrakech to the ski resort of Oukaimeden (2600 m). After lunch, small trek with ascension of Jbel Angour (3000 m). Return to Oukaimeden where we spend a night under tent. 3h30 walking.
Day 2
After breakfast , departure from Oukaimeden to Tizi N'Addi 2960 m. Decent to Tachddirt 2400 m. 4H00 walking.
Day 3
From Tachddirt to Imenane Valley, the foot of the Assaoun N'Tanamroute and continue to Imlil 1700m. Overnight at the Auberge in Imlil. 05H00 of walking.

Day 8
After breakfast, departure from Tiselday to TiziN'Taghrart 3200 m, descent to Sidi Chamharouch 2400 m. Continue to Imlil . Meet with our transportation and return to Marrakech.
morocco travel adventure
Day 4
After breakfast, departure from Imlil to Neltner refuge via Sidi Chamharouch. Overnight under tent near the refuge 3200 m . 05H00 walking.
Day 7
Departure from Amsouzarte to Tiselday via the terrace fields, a beautiful green villages of the Occidental Atlas Overnight under tent at Tiselday 1800 m. 04H00 walking.
Day 6 :
After breakfast, departure from Neltner to LAC d'Ifni passing through Tizi N'Ouanoums 2700 m. Overnight under tent at Amsouzarte 1740 m. 07H00 walking.
Day 5
Ascension of Toubkal 4165m .Picnic lunch Return to our bivouac near the refuge 06H00 walking.

morocco travel adventure
Departure from Marrakech to Imlil (1500m) to meet up with the muleteers and for the start of the hike, we pass through Tizi N'Tamatert. Picnic lunch in the valley. Hike to Tachddirt from where we can have a magnificent view out over the highest pass of the Toubkal range.


After a good Berber breakfast, we began our descent to the Imenane valley through Ouansekra, Tamguist, Tineghourine and Ikkis villages. We lunch at the foot of the valley. Then a small hike to Iguersiouale village from where a Land Rover will take us back to Marrakesh

morocco travel adventure

DAY 1 : Arrival in Marrakech, immediate transfer to Tamlakout, in the heart of the Anti-Atlas Range, where the night is spent with a local family.

DAY 2 : We meet up with the mules and leave in the direction of At Tigga crossing through a rocky lunar landscape. We set up camp just before At Tigga (2000 m) 5 hours.

: We cross At Tigga, Idoughagh and At Ighmour (2100 m), overshadowed by the Agadirs. We go up the pass
(2700 m) and then down to the Assif Mdist 6 hours.

DAY 4 :We are now in the heart of the Siroua mountain system, where streams have cut through rocks, gouging out canyons. The peaks seem to stretch away forever. We set up camp at the foot of Siroua. 6 hours

DAY 5 Ascent of Jbel Siroua (3305 m) giving a superb view out over all the Atlas Range. We set up camp here .
6 hours.

Ascent of Tizi Isdrim (2700 m) and Tizi N'Talat up to Aziouane. We set up camp by huge granite blocks in the middle of the pastures. 6 hours.

DAY 7 We cross the Amassines to get back to the vehicles and return to the hotel in Marrakech. 3 hours.

DAY 8 Transfer and departure.
morocco travel adventure


Day 1
: Arrival in Agadir, immediate departure by minibus to At Baha and the Tanalte road. Ashort warm-up too get to the tents near Tizi Ozzemmour (1100 m).

Day 2 : Departure for Taghzout (optional ascent to the summit at 1950 m), and then on the village of Mirgane. After exploring several isolated villages in this desolate terrain we pitch camp near Imi N'Taghzout (1600 m).

Days 3 and 4 : Down to the village of At Iftane at the foot of Jbel Lesk, then across the massif, giving a magnificent view over the Ameln and Tafraoute valleys. Then down to Tagdichte.

Day 5 : A hike against a wonderful sunlit backdrop of ancient pink granite rocks. There is time to explore the forests of palm trees at Tafraoute with its superb old houses. Camp is set up near Aguerd Oudad (1000 m).

Day 6 : Through the village of Dousderm and up to the Amanouz plateau (1650 m) to get to the At Mansour gorge. Camp is set up in the valley.

Day 7 : A walk through the At Mansour valley under the shade of palm trees a final picnic beside the river followed by the return journey to Agadir. A well-deserved night of comfort in one of the hotels in Agadir.

Day 8 : Transfer and departure.

morocco travel adventure

morocco travel adventure

morocco travel adventure

morocco travel adventure


DAY 1 : Arrival and transfer to the hotel Overnight
DAY 2 : After breakfast, transfer from Marrakech to Ait Bougmez by Land Rover. Pic nic lunch. Overnight at a Berber house at Ait Imi (1900 m ).

DAY 3 : After breakfast, we start our trek from Ait Imi toward Ouzirimte through Tizi N'Ait Imi (3100 m ).Pic nic lunch. Bivouac at (2000 m). 6 hours walking .

DAY 4 : We start Mgoun Gorges, we continue our walk in the river along the Mgoun valley. Overnight in a Berber house at Tiraninmie (1900 m) 6 hours of walk .

DAY 5 : After breakfast, we leave Tiranimine towards Agurzka . Overnight at Berber house or under tent at Imjgag (1800 m) 5 hours of walk . end of gorges .

DAY 6 : After breakfast, we leave Imjgag to El Hot at (1600 m). we will pass through the south face of the Mgoun - area and volcanic mountains with some Ksours . 5 hours of walk

DAY 7 : Departure from El Hot toward Boutaghrar , meet with our Land rover and return to Marrakech passing through Kelaa Mgouna and Ouarzazate.
Visit of Ait Ben Haddou on the road. Overnight at the hotel

DAY 8 : Departure after breakfast

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